Popular Chinese Desserts

Red Bean Bun

Red bean is a popular ingredient for desserts and sweet snacks in China. Red bean paste is often used as a filling. A red bean bun is a form of ‘baozi’, or steamed bun. It is a steamed bun with red bean paste on the inside. These buns are most popular in Northern China but are found throughout china and even in some authentic Chinese retaurants throughout the world. Other possible fillings for steamed buns are black bean paste, taro paste, and pine nut paste.

Egg Tarts

Egg_Tarts_with_Puff_PastryThese warm tarts are not traditionally Chinese – they were introduced by the Portuguese colonizers via Macau. These tarts have a hard crust with a sweet custard filling. They are best when eaten fresh and warm. There are even specialist egg tart stores found throughout China, as they are so popular.

Pumpkin Pancake

Pumpkin pancakes are made of pumpkin, sugar, and flour, and are deep fried. These are a popular winter dessert and are possibly the sweetest dessert you will find when in China. They are also sometimes coated in roasted sesame seeds. They originated from Sichuan province, but are found all over China.

Deep Fried Durian

Durian is a very popular fruit across Asia, including China. It is known for a having a strong, sometimes less than pleasant smell, but good tasting fruit. It is often served in restaurants deep fried with a batter crust. It is a popular summer dessert when the durian is in season. Make sure you don’t pick it up with your fingers, or you will struggle to get rid of the smell!

Almond Jelly

This dessert has a misleading name, as it is not made from almonds but rather from apricot kernels. The kernels are soaked and then ground up with water. The ‘milk’ is extracted and a gelling agent is added. The resulting dessert has a soft consistency and is a cream color.