History of Casino Games in China

I bet you didn’t know that gambling is thought to have actually originated from ancient China before it was embraced by other countries over the world. You have probably heard of the popular casino game, keno, which was first played by Chinese people as a form of entertainment over 4000 years ago. Gambling in China has somewhat changed since then, however, and you might not even believe how different it is now.

Gambling in China nowadays is actually illegal although there are loopholes, and this prohibition doesn’t stop all inhabitants of the country from playing casino games if they want to. Gambling has been legalised in Hong Kong and Macau, so if you are from China, you have to be in either of these locations to ensure that the bets you are making are on the good side of the law. Some people from China are completely against gambling while others love it, so there are mixed opinions on the matter.

There is nothing stopping Chinese people from signing up for gambling sites and playing online, although if they are doing this outside of Hong Kong or Macau, they would technically be doing something illegal. It is believed that many technically savvy people in China are using proxies to block their location so they can play casino games online freely. Some of the sites they might be interested in joining include Mr green, which is a reputable casino site with a great history.

It’s quite strange that gambling is banned in some locations of Chine but not in others. Chinese people should be able to enjoy the same type of entertainment as all of us. Providing that people are not hurting one another and they do not get carried away with the games in front of them, what’s the harm in it?