China – The land of literal tradition


Chinese culture and traditions are such an exciting, but widely misunderstood topic.

For example, did you know that Fortune Cookies are not Chinese tradition? And chop suey was invented in the US? This website will break down all the common myths around Chinese culture and show you how Chinese literal tradition has influenced the entire world – literally!

Some of the worlds most famous stories, poems, philosophies and games can be traced back to ancient China as knowledge and wisdom was passed down generation to generation through the word of mouth and through books and scrolls. Without Chinese literature, we might have never learned the lessons of Tsun Tzu and Confucius.

We will share interesting aspects of Chinese history of all kinds on this site. You may have come across funny, so-called ‘Chinese’ sayings like “Man who run in front of car get tired. Man who run behind car get exhausted”. This website will give you the proper history of the very intelligent man often associated with silly sayings; Confucious. Chinese history doesn’t have much in the way of religion but does have a lot of history of philosophy and philosophers. Confucius was just one those philosophers. Religion in China largely centered around Christianity and Islam, though the practitioners of those religions are still very much in the minority (with Islam growing at quite a rate, particularly in Western China).

What is Chinese culture like known for?

When you think of Chinese culture, a few things instantly come to mind. Some of the more common things are their unique buildings such as the famous pagoda architectural style, traditional music and instruments, ancient literature and philosophy, vases and ceramics such from the Ming dynasty, Martial Arts (much thanks to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan), interesting kinds of food and to some extent even ancient religious practices. But there is so much more to China than meets the eye!

Chinese culture is also known for its association with ‘lucky’ numbers and colours. This website will teach you about the meanings behind this and how it is used in Chinese culture today.

Chinese food has always been an interesting topic for the Western world. Did you know that Chinese desserts are not all that sweet? The Chinese don’t eat very sweet food in general.

The history of gambling in China

You may not associate the Chinese with gambling, but it has a deep rooted history in this part of the world. Did you know that the game of Keno is in fact Chinese? Not to mention the super popular game Mah-Jong that still stands as one of the most popular games among the Chinese. Since the Communist Party of China seized power of the nation back in the year 1949, gambling in China is illegal. Illegal gambling has actually become a large problem in modern day China since then as the gambling tradition had such a long history. As a result, Macau stands as the only place in China where these laws do not apply as gambling is legal in Macau. 

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